Ice Flower

This piece was also created in stages, with it's bare bones incarnation having been a "Danarys"outfit for a White Party. At that point, the headpiece didn't work so well with the simplified version of the coat, so it was still waiting to transform. 

When I knew I was going to create a collection for ARTumnal, there was no question that this outfit would come in to fruition. For the coat, I used white stretch taffeta, scraps of faux mink, lightweight pleated net, and some felted wool I had been hoarding for the past 14 years. The headpiece was made from feathers my husband and I had been given as a housewarming gift 8 years ago, and the shoes were the catalyst that inspired me to create shoes for each design. 

Dawson ( the creator of Dao Pow Industries leather and brass corsets) were in agreement that a wider belt was necessary to carry the piece, and worked together to build a corset for more of an athletic type. He was certain that Maggie Powers was the perfect model for this piece, and I have to agree. With her background in ballet, and current careers as a personal trainer, bodybuilder, and performer with Vau de Vire and Capacitor, she carried this piece like none other.

Beautifully captured in photographs by Charles Schoenberger



There is a back story to this piece. The dress was originally a wedding dress that never made it to the altar, and stayed with me for a few years until finding it's next incarnation. The coat was created in the same white taffeta as I used for the base of the wedding dress, and was my first exploration in to creating the "Oval Coat". After building the outfit, Paul Seftel took over and created his colorful magic on the fabric, layering his many coats of mineral based paints over it until we had a colorscape reminiscent of his artwork. 

The model, Andrea McGinnis, did double duty for me for this collection. Not only did she grace the Chysalis with her embodied presence, but she also took over for me at the studio, covering my clients for the week in order to let me sew uninterrupted the week before the show. 

It's never a solo work. None of this could have happened without the team. 

The beautiful images you see have all been captured by Charles Schoenberger, with his assistant Armin Kramer. A fashion show is a blip in time unless it is documented, and the documentation you see here is some of the finest you ever will see. 



Green Orchid

This piece was primarily hand sewn on it's model, Megan Dole, one Friday night in my studio.  A combination of ruched metallic lycra in a Sage to Silver ombre, irridescent taffeta ranging from rust to sage, bronze colored plastic, and spiraled chiffon in Sage/Silver with some Gold taffeta lining.

Megan's background as a hammer thrower in college comes through loud and clear in the fierceness of her posing here. 

The headpiece and shoes were created in the last 48 hours before the show. 

Corset in painted leather by Dao Pow Industries.

Photography by Charles Schoenberger