"My statement to the world has always been about freedom of expression.The sacred union of physical, spiritual, emotional and artistic freedom is the heart of my be-ing. As a movement specialist, I see so many people who are imprisoned within their own bodies, and that lack of freedom affects them to the core.

I believe that when you feel free in your body, you ARE free. That moving our bodies is one of the most basic forms of expression we have. That the vibration of our grace in motion creates it’s own imprint on the world, and that the harmonization of these things can bring us closer to inner and outer Peace."



An Artist of Fashion and Physicality,

I build environments for the human body to move in.

From my earliest memories, I was playing with tensegrity, momentum, velocity, force, and basically every interaction you could feel between your intention and the world that surrounded you. 

Back in the 1970's, that meant sewing clothes and practicing ballet. As I grew up, the world expanded, both in my perception and in it's innate nature, and "yoga" from the 1960's turned in to "yoga" for the generation born of those practitioners. I quickly caught up, moving from a brief carrier as a professional ballet dancer to a certified Pilates and Yoga teacher in 1994, and then my world changed when I walked in to a GYROTONIC® studio. I immediately fell in love with the fluid movement system, supported by weight and pulley based machines, feeling a sense of " coming home" as I moved my spine and from that, my extremities, in a world supported with tension and resistance. So I immersed myself in the Gyrotonic Expansion System, studying extensively with it's founder Juliu Horvath to eventually become a Specialized Master Trainer.

The approach of strengthening at all ranges of motion is one that is shared by many systems, and I have found this to be a point of commonality between the many systems I have learned in my fitness career.

In 2016, I began incorporating Galileo devices in to training, which are the top of the line vibration training devices, generating muscular contractions from the outside in. This is a truly revolutionary approach to muscular strengthening, allowing even those who lack the nerve connections to fire their muscles to do so with the Galileo plate and Mano Dumbbell. Over the past three years, I have worked with the company to refine various approaches to Galileo training, and am proud to hold a position as one of their founding Master Trainers.

Breathwork plays a pivotal role in my approach to body mind training. I have been studying the breath and it’s role in physical and emotional health since 2015, developing an approach that I refer to as “ Core Breathwork” which utilizes specific breathing patterns and positions to free “stuck spaces” in the body while growing awareness and toning core muscles. Most recently, I have added the ELDOA method and Aerial yoga to my repertoire. Strength training and core concepts from the progressive yoga movement have influenced my training style, and I enjoy the ability to strategically choose training methodsbased off of my client’s goals.

I believe that the emotional and physical body are intrinsically linked.

That by growing awareness and confidence in our movement, we can do the same for our emotional bodies, and that by training towards a pain free body, we can work towards creating a pain free world.

To your joyful health,



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