DUSK falls at the P.G. Art Center - Monterey Herald

““What we’re really trying to do with this show is create a platform for those who see it to come to a different level of acceptance about the world that we live in that has so many heartbreaking things happening. If you can’t be in acceptance of your reality then you’re incapable of changing it.”

An all-women fashion show in Pacific Grove makes commentary on consent. - Monterey County Weekly

““We want to help the area know that fashion isn’t only about selling clothes, but an art form,” Anne says.”

All about the collaborative process for Dusk

DUSK combines Fashion and Music - Beth Peerless for the Monterey Herald

“I recently received notice about plans for another similar event involving two of the principals from “Awaken,” clothing designer Domini Anne and artist/DJ Hanif Wondir. It is titled “Dusk.” A gallery show scheduled to be on display at the Pacific Grove Art Center between Jan. 11 and Feb. 22 is described as an installation that blends Wondir’s multilayered digital images with Domini’s new upcycled collection.”

A Carmel Designer aims to capture the politics of resistance and oppression through fashion

The shapes are geometric and chunky, and the colors are subtle. They’re pieces Carmel-based designer Domini Anne says were inspired by the current political climate, and the colors speak directly to that: They’re meant to be a commentary on borders and immigration policy, while aiming to reflect diversity.“I am trying to use all the shades of skin, from geisha white to ebony black,” Anne says. Bright red hues contrast with otherwise muted skin tones, symbolizing blood.

PHOTOS: Awaken brings a socially-conscious fashion show to Sand City's West End Celebration.

“We needed to do something that was commentary to essentially ignite in people the joy that exists within their souls, to remind them that creativity is a way to find that peace and joy especially when the world is looking so ominous,”

AWAKEN - Bohypsian Journal

The event unfolded with a local remix of “California Dreaming” by Lillie Lemon and Eric A Wobbles to a sky high Aerialist!

Where it’s At - Beth Peerless for the Monterey Herald

“Broken down, the Saturday night Awaken multi-media fashion show was spectacularly presented. The amount of work and creative skill that went into the world class production was impressive and I want to give props to the whole Community Palette organization and the Sand City Arts Committee, and individually to event curators Kierstyn Bachmann-Berlin and Domini Anne for their fine work. A real community wide endeavor that included so many I’m unable to include individually here. “


I couldn't have imagined a better way to share Anima with the community than through the Timeless Fundraiser!  This Community Palette fashion-show-turned-fundraiser became a beautiful multidisciplinary expression of local talent,

Community Palette’s Timeless Fashion Show 2016

It’s part performance art, fashion show, fundraiser, private party, and freewheeling impulse. It’s organized by CP founder Kierstyn Berlin and its artistic director Domini Anne, and switched directions when the Soberanes fire erupted, re-focusing as a palliative for affected residents and a fundraiser for the Coast Property Owners Association.

PHOTOS: Creative designs at Community Palette's Fashion Show Fire Fundraiser. 2016

One of CP’s missions is to get money to local artists—here, a stipend, divided evenly. When they switched to a fundraiser format, the designers agreed to cap the amount they would receive. But there was no such cap on the amount of striking costumes, performances and personality, which is what the 23 curated photos are for, available for cueing with the arrow tabs above. 
The true value behind buying sustainable clothing 2014

I wore them to teach yoga in that very night, and as I walked around the studio I noticed something—

I don’t know how to describe it other than I felt loved.

True Alchemy featured in PUMP Magazine - 2016

The Clothing Architect - Domini Anne : 831 Magazine 2011

I’m sitting on top of a colorful pile of fabric, watching the ugly lavender blouse I received for Christmas last year rip apart.  Before me, an animated redhead pulls a stream of silvery lace from a bin of remnants and swoops over the fabric with scissors.  The shears appear to take flight in her hands, like bird wings, as the forms of a fitted bodice and sleeves take shape.  After merging the fabrics beneath the arm of her sewing machine, a shirt previously destined for the Goodwill pile, is magically transformed into a stylish article of clothing.  Not only does it fit me perfectly but it also moves with my body, and reflects my personality.

Community Palette boosts up-and-coming creators.

Imagine a runway, fashion-show style, but instead of models on it, artists and creators and designers and photographers illuminating their unique craft, whether that’s atypical textiles, insane nature-scapes or arresting oil paintings.

Fashion designer and Gyrotonic teacher Domini Anne lives to give people freedom in their bodies.

There is a saying in the Gyrotonic discipline that goes like this: “Stop moving, and you die.” Breathing is movement, after all. As its founder Juliu Horvath says, “When something stops moving, it’s an expression of death. The more it moves, the more it’s an expression of life.” By that logic, Domini Anne might never die.

Carmel Magazine Winter Edition 2014

“Exposed” is a collaborative piece, shot by photographer Rachael Short, designed by Domini Anne.The model is clad in rejected prints from Short’s collection, punctured bicycle inner tube, metal D-rings and remnants of two wedding dresses.

65 Degrees Magazine Spring 2015

Innovative minds collaborate, giving birth to a collective consciousness, thriving to draw the community closer to the things that make us feel alive.

Living Green: Fashion event now fire fundraiser 2016

“What had originally been simply a fashion show has transformed into a much larger event,” said event director Domini Anne. “At its heart, Community Palette exists to serve the community and strengthen the network, and so it seemed obvious to us that in light of our present situation, that we would start to restructure our Aug. 27 event from the ground up.”

The Forest Theater Guild’s Alice in Wonderland is a feast for the eyes, and the intellect. 2010

Something happened during Forest Theater’s sumptuous production of Alice in Wonderland Saturday night – it split in two.

Exploratorium show of recycled cyber-clothing 2008

“"I felt like I was a 21st century miner who struck gold," said Pamela Winfrey, Exploratorium senior artist and the event's curator.