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 My statement to the world has always been about freedom of expression.The sacred union of physical, spiritual, emotional and artistic freedom is the heart of my creations.

I believe that when you feel free in your body, you ARE free. That dressing yourself is the first artistic statement we make every day. That our embodiment of our “selves” within our clothing creates it’s own unique statement that within itself, creates it’s own lasting imprint on the world that surrounds us.

My process of design integrates a devotion to UpCycling ( the process of taking used garments and transforming them in to new creations), a love of lycra and the freedom of movement it provides, and a host of folding techniques from origami. I enjoy playing with geometric shapes - how a rectangle turns in to two triangles or a diamond when draped appropriately across the hip, for example.

I believe in clothing as a conversation starter, as well as a way of introducing yourself and your esthetic to the world.

I create custom collections for private clients, as well offering extant pieces from past collections. If you are interested acquiring some pieces, feel free to contact me to begin the design process.


Domini Anne


Photography by Nic Coury