Galileo in a Nutshell

The Galileo devices work via a principle of a mechanical oscillation, ( i.e. an outside force) that causes a muscular contraction. This is as a result of the stretch reflex caused by the slight extension of muscles being acted upon via body positioning and the oscillation of the weight plate. You can click here for more information, or download the PDF here

There are a number of different models, to see a complete list, you can click over to and here for pricing information.

I am working on a medical grade machine, with a hand rail. It's cost is approximately $13 000 new. However, there is a wonderful exercise grade version at $7,200 that offers a huge amount of versatility as it comes without the hand rail. This could be placed beside or in front of other equipment to facilitate a greater range of training exercises, and would be an excellent choice in an exercise training studio or gym setting. 

Equipment financing is available for models over 10K. 

One of the hugest "selling points" for a public studio is the short amount of time necessary to achieve effects on a Galileo. One only needs 3, 3 minute sessions, approximately 3X a week to achieve substantial results. So training sessions could be as short as 15 minutes, or 30 minutes if combined with other postural exercises. Once a client has learned their routine, they are able to use the galileo without instruction, which can be a huge source of passive income for the studio. Do the math : $60 for a half hour of private instruction ( split between the trainer and the studio at whatever percentage is standard) for 3-5 sessions, then that client could come in 3X a week at $25 for 15 minutes of self-training and a half hour of private instruction every week or every other week. That's $75 a week generated in studio income, from just one satisfied client, in a half hour! 

Start multiplying this out and you can see how rapidly this equipment will pay itself off. 

I have started doing this with my clients and the results have been very positive for all involved. The only (mild) drawback is that the machine does make some noise, but that can be mitigated with a mat underneath, and we are going to put some sound boards up in our echo chamber of a studio, which will diminish this substantially. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my personal experience with this revolutionary machine, and to inquire about purchase, you can reach out to Marilyn Hamilton at