An interactive exhibit featuring sculptural fashion and multidimensional imagery

Pacific Grove Art Center

568 Lighthouse Avenue Pacific Grove, CA 93950

01/11/19 - 02/21/19

OPENINGS: Friday January 11th and Friday February 1st


For their upcoming project, Domini Anne and Hanif Wondir have taken to heart Nina Simone’s exhortation to artists to “reflect their times”. “Dusk” is an exploration of what it is to exist within the current political atmosphere of the USA. The emotions being stirred, forced re-evaluation of long held beliefs, and general societal unease. 

The “Dusk” collection is a fashion commentary on the current political atmosphere of the USA, encompassing racial and class divides, as well as the examination of female sexuality and rights within our own personal interactions as well as a larger administrative view. It will be composed primarily of UpCycled pieces ( clothing created from discarded, used clothing) providing an alternative to the waste of the fast fashion industry. Additionally, the act of up cycling emotionally represents an assimilating old memories and stories in to a new paradigm, where a fresh perspective allows for a new understanding on events of the past. 

Select original works by Wondir will be animated and projected upon a custom built set for DUSK openings. The projecting and movement lend the works to interact with the audience and models, creating a deeply immersive experience. In classic Wondir style, detailed images of nature, industry and social commentary will function as direct reflections of the to the show’s main themes and draw contemplation and awe from the audience. Striking yet subtle, conscious but not convoluted.

For the static exhibit, a labyrinth of mirrors, interspersed with life size renderings of Wondir’s images invites the viewers to immerse themselves in the experience of seeing their own images reflected upon these larger interpretations of our existence in this world.

Through the marriage of textiles, the expression of human form, sound and multilayered imagery, Wondir and Domini endeavor to absorb the intense emotions of this time, and reflect them back to society in a context that nurtures empathy and healing. It is their hope that by providing people with a “feeing beyond words”, that a larger conversation and understanding might take place between  the many sides of this divide. 

A Community Palette sponsored Production