One of my foundation training students suggested that I play with "connective tissue stretching" for my #WednesdayWarmup.

I recorded this directly after.

It's a 30 minute connective tissue unwind that follows GK patterns. 



I went in to the studio and recorded this with my husband, Iran on Saturday morning. This was a " by request" class, prepared for a student who just learned that she has a herniated disk in her lumbar spine. 

This is more common than you would think. (My man has a herniated disk too, and teaching him this sequence was long overdue.) It's based on Paul Horvath's programs, with a few of my own twists thrown in. 

I set myself free this week, and created a class based on breathing.

We played with the concept of the organs being mainly water, pressing out against their outside container. It's slow, and meditative, and I woke up the following morning feeling like a million bucks. 


I wish the same for you.

A little meditative flow for when you want it

This was the beginning to GK class this week. I may upload the entire thing, depending on sound quality ( I was playing Leonard Cohen's new album)

But I did want you to consider this approach to moving the nerve/bone/fluid/energy bodies...

you'll need a FB account to view. Here's the URL

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In the end, this turned in to a deep exploration about opening the base of the neck. If you use a cellphone, you should try this. 


I couldn't resist. 

Coming of of the Update weekend, where we quite methodically paced through different layers of the body and spinal articulations, I was inspired on Monday to break it all down. Each segment of the spine. I've been playing with this concept nonstop  ( it's fun!)

Go ahead. Try it 


Turn it up to 11.


I found two excellent new cues to assist people in creating an active experience of working in parallel ( you know I'm kind of obsessed with this, after the work I've been doing to undo years of external rotation and the subsequent issues it's caused). 

So OF COURSE I made class about it!

Additionally, there is a shivering/kneading/Supple-ing section that comes by request of our newest study group members. 

You will need a yoga block for this class.

Here ya go!

I had a request for elements of the 90 minute format.  Of course, I went slowly... that's par for the course. I'd wanted to get to the floor as " quickly" as possible so included one of my favorite class openers from waayyy back ( the late 90's, actually).

Anytime you have requests to review specific exercise sequences, do not hesitate to ask. It can't hurt, even if my answer is about unicorns and loch ness monsters ;)



I just brought a bunch of fledgling study group participants in to the fold. Some have just completed a training with me as students, and others are already certified trainers. 

There were some promises made, and I thought it would be nice to include all of what I promised that my online study program has to offer in one, cohesive post. 

So, here it goes. 


Here are some ways that I teach spinal motions to various individuals. The first one is for older people looking to maintain quality of life without learning too much " new stuff", the second one more holds to a Step 1 or Step 2 approach. 

GYROKINESIS® with the tower straps - there are so many good things in here... just check it out and play. 


 I need to upload videos for shivering and kneading and supple-ing with the straps. I will make a concerted effort to make that happen next week, after uploading this week's GK ( This particular post is gratuitous. Consider it a birthday gift from me  By the way, I'm 40. Yay!)

For the moment, content yourselves with " The best Thing" This particular best thing is best done at the end of a workout. Save it for after you're warm. It's from Hilary Cartwright's hip replacement course. Genius. 

Finally, the homework series can be found in the Archive.

It is the second post down. Password is " Frank". 

Spiral on!



You can approach this workout as individual segments if you don't have the time to do a full class. Try starting with /// not/// arch curl if that is the case ;), or maybe just doing a couple of A/C's on your own, then dive in to more of the legwork. Also, enjoy that final video. There was a time where we ended every workout with " yawn". ( that was before unwinding entered the picture, "Yawning" was our unwinding)

We practicedwith the soundtrack to the Timeless Fashion show, and finished off class with " Classics, chilled. 




I realized today, while practicing along with a 30 minute yoga class video, that I had yet to compose a " time efficient" class. So clearly, THAT had to be done... 

More weight for the 2nd portion = more challenging workout. I recommend that you start around 15 lbs and work up or down from there. 

Driving to the studio, I became tired of sitting, became tired of that angle behind my knees... So I did class that didn't involve that. 

It's nice, mid-level difficulty class with a creative approach to arching at the end.( I had also become tired of the arching choreography, and wanted to play with something new)

upon self review, perhaps I just need a vacation ;)


We are still dealing with the fire here, and I have noticed that with many of my clients, their mobility is going to shit, to put it delicately... People are having a hard time grounding while they are displaced, and they're tightening up inside, forcing all movement in to the " default joints" as opposed to allowing a steady stream of release through their " joint ladders" ( my term for the sequence of joints in any movement chain). 

I created this class to address such issues, as this is not an issue indigenous to natural disaster. 

People always freeze up under stress. It's good to have some tools to work with in these circumstances. 

This is a very easy, almost " all levels" class. You can absolutely tailor the concept to the level of your students. Take what you learn here and run with it! 

In part, a prayer for our little section of the world. So many in our community have been affected by the Soberanes fire, which is now over 20 000 acres and still growing. This was my wish, and my hope for our community, that we can find expansion from this contraction, that we ultimately will grow from this experience. 


Halfway through editing, I lost count. There is no part 3. Part 3 is what is called part 4.. etc.

Fresh home from teaching a foundation training, I had breath on my mind. 

Class then obviously became about that... 

Just a basic class, but with a firm focus on designing and harnessing the correct power for every movement. 

You may want a yoga strap and block for props.