I just brought a bunch of fledgling study group participants in to the fold. Some have just completed a training with me as students, and others are already certified trainers. 

There were some promises made, and I thought it would be nice to include all of what I promised that my online study program has to offer in one, cohesive post. 

So, here it goes. 


Here are some ways that I teach spinal motions to various individuals. The first one is for older people looking to maintain quality of life without learning too much " new stuff", the second one more holds to a Step 1 or Step 2 approach. 

GYROKINESIS® with the tower straps - there are so many good things in here... just check it out and play. 


 I need to upload videos for shivering and kneading and supple-ing with the straps. I will make a concerted effort to make that happen next week, after uploading this week's GK ( This particular post is gratuitous. Consider it a birthday gift from me  By the way, I'm 40. Yay!)

For the moment, content yourselves with " The best Thing" This particular best thing is best done at the end of a workout. Save it for after you're warm. It's from Hilary Cartwright's hip replacement course. Genius. 

Finally, the homework series can be found in the Archive.

It is the second post down. Password is " Frank". 

Spiral on!