For all those who marched today

Thank you. 

I made this for you. 

I had originally created a 10 minute Work-In on the ball to iron out the knots created by marching, and carrying signs, but was plagued by the knowledge that many have flown to Washington, or driven to major cities, and are not at home, and most likely have little more than a bag and a bed at the moment.

So I made a second one, using a bed ( also not my own) for the same effect.

Designed to release the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, your psoas, butt, hamstrings and quads, and as always, uses the breath as a mechanism for deep release, emotional, physical and spiritual. 

Thank you for marching. 

Thank you for your solidarity. 

We face a long march ahead of us, and it is crucial to stay grounded and in our bodies. 

We must remember to breathe, now more than ever.