An Inside Job

Sometimes, to get big results, you have to start small. 

This breath based, restorative sequence was created for my good friend Bad Unkl Sista.

A byproduct of the creative lifestyle is usually too much time spent either in the " human cashew" position  ( that's the one where you're seated with your head jutted forward, while collapsing in your spine) or that you're moving your body in ways that aren't necessarily good for it. In her case, as a Butoh performer, this translates to holding contorted positions for long amounts of time, slowly transitioning to the next evocative shape. It's exquisite to watch, but takes it's toll on the body.

We all do this. Perhaps not with the sense of "awe and living wonder" that she does, but we all hold awkward positions as we move through our lives, and often wind up exhausted and aching at the end of the day with no energy left to work out, even when that's what we need the most. 

So I put together this 20 minute class to help your body restore itself without pushing.

 It's called the " Inside Job" because that's how it works. From the inside out. 

We use the breath as a tool to clear pathways for greater movement, gently slipping through a small series of restorative yoga poses. The background music has been generously provided by my friend Nico Georis.

You literally just need to lie there and breathe. The unwinding happens on it's own. 

For this " Inside Job", you'll want some outside support. A minimum of two yoga mats or blankets ( one to lie one and one to roll up for support under your legs/spine) one yoga block or two folded and stacked up bath towels/one folded pillow, and a number of pillows : at least one classic bed pillow and 2-4 couch cushions. A good rule is " prop what's dropped". Feel free to overthink all of this, and then throw it all out the window and ask your body what it needs ;-) 

Take a look at the picture below and start with all of these things, plus two extra cushions and you should be good. 


Breathe On,