Inter Plane-etary - Experiential Anatomy

To seek out new planes, new dimensions, to boldly inhale where no breath has gone before...

In this week's installment of " Breathe In, Work Out" I thought we'd return to the topic of Inner Space, and add in the concept of co-ordinates. You see, when we're working with a human body, we are dealing with a three dimensional object that moves in multiple planes simultaneously, while changing shape in relation both to those planes, and according to volume. ( food, drink and air are all examples of volume exchange)

So  if you apply this concept to an area of tightness, you would want to traction the body in multiple planes, perhaps adding in some expansion via volume, with a focus of moving away from the greatest point of contraction. 

Although this sounds a little heady when it's written out, the concept is simple, not dissimilar to how you stretch out a wrinkle in your fitted bed sheet while making your bed. You pull that wrinkle out from the edges, stretching the sheet out on the plane of your mattress.

Now imagine that your sheet is stretched out around a constellation, where there are multiple points at different coordinates in space. In order to stretch out a wrinkle now, you would need to pull away at multiple points on multiple planes in order to create your smooth result. 


I created this week's workout to address out a common area of tightness for people: the lower back and hips. applying the concept of stretching out on multiple planes from one shared point,  using a triple inhalation for added volume exchange. 


You will need a chair. Don't overthink it. The best chair is the one you can use right now. 

As always, I don't live in your body, You do.

Please be mindful of your practice and take care of yourself.