Unwinding Series : 1

This sequence is great for anyone who loves a good restorative bridge pose. 

We literally " take the weight off" your pelvis in two ways here: first by elevating it on a block, and second by tractioning the legs. The two combined are divine. 

After a series of leg/core exercises in the supported bridge position, we shift over to sit on the block, working the pressure of the tailbone down in contrast to pressure of the head outwards to the hammock. Fluid movements provide feedback about range of motion and control, building your superpowers of interoception. 

Unwinding Series : 2

This sequence is more dynamic, moving through a range of positions:

Beginning in Puppy Pose to balance out the hips and provide some feedback about upper body stability, then pulling back on the hips and giving pressure again to the top of the spine for a guided childs pose. From there, we activate the legs away from the tail for more unwinding of the body, stretching the hamstrings as the spine fluidly moves above. Finally, moving back to the floor for elongated traction and then opening in the other direction, in a supported fish pose. 

Please be aware that you may want a different height of block for your ribcage, and possibly consider using your rolled up cushion for a softer support at that time. 

Unwinding Series : 3

End your Unwinding session with the torso fully supported on the floor with smooth and controlled leg movements originating from a stabilized pelvis. 

Give your body ample time to rest and assimilate after this series. 

Although this video is only 5 minutes long, you could easily spend a total of 10 minutes, with 5 minutes spent quietly resting with your legs in traction after executing the leg sequence. This will help you maintain the space created in your body by this series.