"The Tune Up" - Gyrotonic Update 01/24-01/26 - 2019

The TUne UP.png
The TUne UP.png

"The Tune Up" - Gyrotonic Update 01/24-01/26 - 2019


The Tune Up - Gyrotonic Update for Certified Trainers 

Master Trainer: Domini Anne 

01/24 2019 - 01/26 2019

Total Cost: $500

( $150 studio/administrative fee, $350 course fee) 

This Level 1 Update looks at every family in the Gyrotonic workout through the lens of experiential anatomy, offering tools for alignment and awareness as we move through the Gyrotonic experience. Fluid movement offers the opportunity to explore your alignment in motion, and the Gyrotonic System is a powerful method in which one can do exactly that.

Learn how “Narrowing” can support the body’s ability to decompress in any position, how the abdominal connection can facilitate thoracic engagement, how your hamstrings support your hips and more in this three day immersion in the Level 1 material of the Gyrotonic Expansion System.

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