Lower Back - Program 1

Start here for a gentle sequence that activates the core while releasing the lower back. 

The hammock is used to support the lower legs, providing a "weightlessness" to the pelvis, and the side to side waving action releases tension throughout the entire body.

You may want to use a prop to space out your lower legs if you feel they are being drawn uncomfortably together. If so, a rolled up yoga mat, blanket, or a yoga block will all work nicely. If your head feels strained resting on the floor, use a pillow for support. 

Upper Body Strengthening - Program 1

Building intelligent upper body strength is crucial for lower back health. The weight of your torso rests on your legs, and the better aligned it is, the happier your back. 

Shoulder and neck pain are often interrelated, and often stem from "confused firing patterns" in the muscles themselves. In this sequence, we use traction and body weight to floss out how the upper body engages in to length, building intelligent, strong muscles that know how to support the spine in length.

Click here to understand more about the anatomy of your shoulder girdle. 

Downward Dog - Program 1

The benefits of Downward Dog are well known. Reversing the pull of gravity on the body, and weight bearing in to the arms can do wonders for an unhappy spine. 

By using the hammock to traction out the pelvis in this position, the body is supported in it's search for alignment and length. Using the feedback of the hammock on the hips to keep them aligned can make all the difference as we engage the legs, reaching them away from the body in order to traction the back. When alignment is found, the entire body feels it ; effectively teaching the leg muscles how to support and decompress the back. 

Inversions are known to sometimes cause a mild euphoria, as well as dizziness at first. Take it easy, and use the hammock as support when coming out of this position. 

Upper Body Relief - Program 1

We often don't even notice how much tension we hold in the ribcage, and the effects of that can have far reaching consequences extending to neck and mid back pain, difficulty breathing, and sub-optimal digestion among other things. 

Here we use the hammock at a higher setting, supporting the ribs in flexion and extension while releasing the body around this support in fluid, wave like motions. 

You should feel safe and supported while doing this program. Listen to your body and adjust the hammock accordingly, raising it as high as you feel you need especially when working in to extension ( looking back and up). 

Full Inversion - Program 1

Inversions are known for their rejuvenating effects, and practicing them while in traction is even better. In this variation, the hammock supports the pelvis, and traction is directly applied to the spine, which is even better than other " inversion traction" variations where the body is suspended off of the feet or the knees.  

If this is your first time inverting, watch the video once before attempting to do the movement. Knowing how to get in and out of inversions will make this experience oh so much better. 

If you experience dizziness/disorientation while inverting, know that this is normal at first. Pressing your head out in space ( like you learned to do here) will aid in restoring balance, and take time to rest in the hammock before standing up.