On August 27th, 2016, “Timeless Fashion” took place at 430/440 Ortiz.

Directed by Domini Anne, with a score by DJ HanifWondir and produced by Kierstyn Berlin, Timeless was a Community Palette production, with the funds raised going to support artists directly affected by the Soberanes Fire.

Featuring a backdrop created by Jayson Fann, performances from Linda Arceo, Big SurCus, conceptual fashion from Arielle Rose of CircusWagon productions, two clothing lines produced out of Big Sur: http://www.chalcedonynovu.com/ and http://www.animacalifornia.com/ , the True Alchemy Collection, curated by Domini Anne, solo submissions from Sarah Loveland, Vanessa Share and many others. 

What had originally been simply a fashion show was transformed into a much larger event. In circumstances such as these, following a “check list” felt empty as we hosted our homeless friends and watched ashes fall from the sky. At it’s heart, Community Palette exists to serve the community and strengthen the network, and so it seemed obvious to us that in light of our present situation, that we would start to restructure our August 27th event from the ground up.

Without our community, we stand alone in the world. It is at times like this that we are best able to see the strength of our network, and the love that connects us all.

Timeless successfully raised approximately 13K, which was distributed to the artists who participated in the event, with additional financial support going to all artists based out of Big Sur.

Furthermore, a donation was made to the Coast Property Owners Association of Big Sur in order to support the community at large.