Cari Goldman

Master Jeweler, Multiple Sclerosis Warrior


Dear Domini

,I don’t have adequate words to thank you for the hope and serenity you’ve brought to my little world.  Your talent and rare patience, perception, and grace are truly awesome.  I have been describing my intensive with you as my “make a wish weekend” , because in my wildest dreams, I would not have imagined that I would be as comfortable, inspired and uplifted by any one individual.  I believe that you have a true gift, an otherworldly ability to heal and guide souls in this world.  I am not easily impressed or quick to shout success simply because I’ve been through some totally bizarre , extremely low percentage consecutive situations; and, consequently had lost the ability to recognize and accept “magic”.  


You’ve eradicated the cynic in me and relit my faith in myself and my body.  I don’t feel as daunted, alone, scared or confused.  I cannot relate how immense this is for me , nor how far reaching the positive ramifications.  
Thank you so very much for your time, expertise, creativity, and warmth.  
Even though I have lots of work ahead of me, I feel like I’ve already learned a great deal from your generous spirit and your ethereal persona.  In a world wherein I’m regularly overly, pointlessly, self conscious and clumsy, somehow, you have initiated the reality and experience of fluidity.  Your instruction is undeniably powerful, while also soft, gentle,  lyrical, & unobtrusive.  The positive energy was palpable & incited a fire in my gut to make the most of what I have and fight even harder.  
I hope that I can continue to learn from you and come back to Carmel a few times each year to train with and heal from your most capable and kind hands.