Maggie McElroy

Gyrotonic Trainer and Wellness Coach


As a recent Gyrotonic Pre-trainer, I found myself burned out, and craving for deeper understanding of breath and movement. Attending Domini's Gyrotonic Pre-training, my body felt new, profoundly rich feng shui experience of re-organizing and recognizing new pathways to freedom within. The more the analytical mind of mine tried to comprehend all the wealth of knowledge and information, the more my heart chose to take over and allow me to experience a new state of being: allowing, receiving, becoming one with all that is. 

There are really no words for me to explain my experience as I am still processing this new state of being, and enjoying the richness that I have received for the past week of this magical training . I feel beyond inspired and empowered to share the joy of what a body alchemist have gifted to me...

Today, I am only able to bow in this deep space in my heart that has been created to savor and sprinkle the spice that Domini has brought into my life. Domini's teaching methods feel like a beautiful threads of "fabric" life force that color the different nuances of my life & Gyrotonic practice. I am forever grateful to share the rainbow colors the many teaching tools I have received so I can help others sense and experience this space within that provides the opportunity to express the core essence of who we are today without comparing to others or yesterday. 

May the magic of the unknown and the no expectations of what a training with Domini might feel like, finds you in the greater depth of experiencing the awe and the wonder of her beautiful presence.