Foot and Ankle Strengthening

The Galileo Dumbbell is a truly remarkable piece of equipment, providing targeted mechano-stimulation to the individual extremities. The rounded surface area allows the joints to adapt to a much greater range of motion, and positioning of the limbs can be adjusted without taking weight bearing in to account.

To translate this in to “non trainer” terms, the Galileo Dumbbell lets your hands and fingers wrap around it’s technology, controlling the intensity of the mechano-stimulation through grip/pressure instead of weight-bearing. Hz are also different, with 26 being the magic number where the muscles are fired automatically.

In addition to the unlimited ranges of motion this piece can provide, the mechano - stimulation is directed more through the muscles than the bones, making the experience in the cervical spine/skull region much less intense than when one is standing directly on a Galileo plate.

So the limbs can be trained individually, with more specific articulation at every range. The user can explore how different foot or hand alignments affect the pelvic or the shoulder girdle through experiential interaction with their own alignment, strengthening where necessary, or simply increasing range of motion by facilitating muscular contraction within every position held.

This is a little warmup I created for dancers, hikers, athletes, skiers, really… anyone who loves living life with their feet on the ground.

I strongly suggest that you try a few heel raises, knee bends, jumps and steps before and after this workout. The “ before and after” is astounding.