Simple Inversion Program

One delightful application of the Yoga Trapeze/Galileo combo is the option of training the upper body with decreased gravitational pressure.

Because the head is balanced on the spine ( ideally) when the body is upright in good posture, it is common for people to experience " too much vibration in the head" when one either stands fully upright on the Galileo plate, or puts their hands on it ( for example, in a push up position with the hands spread wide on the plate). This happens for two reasons: the mechano-stimulation travels the strongest through a direct vertical line, and also through an engaged muscle chain.

By inverting the body with the support of a Yoga Trapeze, one can release the cervical spine while pressing through the arms, and direct the intensity of the muscle contractions through the back and abdominals ( depending on your alignment).Because the head is not asked to engage, the "vibrational experience" is greatly diminished in the skull itself, while surrounding areas are both toned and relaxed through targeted movement.

If you have no experience inverting with a yoga trapeze, it is highly recommended that you practice this with an instructor first.

Always consult with a physician before embarking on any exercise program.