Lower Body Flexibility Training

One of my favorite training environments is the Galileo/Yoga Trapeze combo.

The ability to leverage body weight while conditioning with the Galileo is truly an educational and strengthening experience. As you shift your center of balance, different muscle groups are activated and the pelvic floor is toned - connecting both with the legs and the deep abdominals. Every time you move your core over center, it provides the opportunity to come together at a deeper level. As you move in to the deeper leg stretches, muscles are strengthened at their end range of motion, providing both greater flexibility and strength with every movement.

This is a wonderful training experience for dancers and yogis alike. Anyone practicing a system that has increased range of motion as one of it’s training goals will benefit from using the Galileo in conjunction with stretching exercises.

I recommend either using 18 Hz for this series, or setting the Galileo to W2 or 3 and bumping the frequency up to 22.5 or 23 for optimal results.

Would you like to learn more about how to apply the Galileo to enhance your training?
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