Simple Back Warmup

This is one of the many instructional videos included in my Galileo 101 Workshop, offered in person in Carmel CA and soon to be offered online. 

For the seated work, you will need some type of box or stool. I had a wooden platform built, with yoga mat used on two ends for both grip and padding. However, you can also order a small stool from various sources, from 11.99 to $60 depending on style and height. The important information is that you want the entire base to hit the Galileo plate, so no " legs" allowed! It needs to be an entirely closed unit. Any gap from the plate is a potential "wobbling" issue. 

After spending two years working with the Galileo device, I feel confident in explaining that the torso is an interesting area to work with, when putting the pelvis directly on the plate. Because of the predominance of digestive organs within the torso, much attention needs to be given to frequency. Higher Hz are not optimal in this case, as the digestive organs need lower frequencies to maintain optimal function. Therefore, I recommend starting at 15 hz and modifying up or down based on individual levels of comfort. 

I hope you enjoy the video below. If you are interested in more creative environments for the Galileo, I recommend that you sign up for a Galileo 101 training, either online or in person.