Foot, Calf and Hamstring Massage Sequence

Fabulous for after hiking or heels, this sequence comes from the “Galileo Unwinding” Workshop I have been developing.

A three hour experience that alternates between self-massage and awareness exercises on the Galileo and restorative yoga positions utilizing the Yoga Trapeze, it is sure to transform your the way you feel in your body.

By changing the texture of the vibration, the nature of it changes, as do the effects on your tissues. Here I am using a firm half roller with a yoga mat wrapped around it, affixed to the plate with bungees tied around the handles. This keeps the half roller from moving and provides a stable surface upon which you can work your body.

I’m using two full foam rollers to create a mobile surface for the rest of my body, which keeps me level with the Galileo plate and lets me move around. This guarantees that you’ll be working your balance and core control while both stimulating and releasing the parts pressing in to the Galileo plate. Talk about multi-tasking!

Remember, the most important part of all of this is that you feel good. If your body feels uncomfortable, it’s a sign you need to change something. Listen to your internal cues, follow the vibration as it moves through you, and do only what you feel good about doing.

To experience more of the Galileo Unwinding, consider coming to Carmel for one of my half day workshops, offered in both December 2018 and January 2019.