Spinal Articulation

Caution : This sequence is designed to strengthen the muscles that surround the spine, not to treat any injury. It is not appropriate for those suffering from herniated disks, or any type of severe tissue degeneration. Consult your doctor or physical therapist before embarking on any type of exercise program. 


This Spinal Articulation sequence uses a 5-10 lb weight for additional feedback as the client sequentially mobilizes the spine up and down. The sequence begins at 18 Hz for optimal mobilization/strengthening of the core muscles, and then ramps up to 24-26 Hz to drive blood to the legs and pelvis at the end, balancing out the workout. 

A small stool may be placed in front of the Galileo in case the weight needs to be changed. In certain cases, clients may want to hold on to something at various levels, and maintain the challenging position for an additional breath or two when further stabilization is necessary.