Hamstring Flexibility

The lower end of the middle range of Hz is wonderfully effective at increasing flexibility. 

At 12 Hz, the mechano-stimulation provides enough involuntary muscle contraction to drive circulation to the tissues, without contracting so frequently that the muscles become tense over the period of Galileo training. 

Because many inflexibility issues come from instability ( i.e. a misaligned region of the body will often display as "inflexible" as a result of the body protecting itself from further instability), Galileo Training is invaluable, firing 100% of the muscle spindle where the human brain only fires 40-60%. By driving contraction/circulation wholistically, entire muscle groups are brought online, correcting alignment and often reducing the causes of inflexibility at the source. 

If the client is unable to reach the floor, a stool, pilates box, or exercise " step" may be used to elevate the height of the hands to an appropriate level. If the down dog/calf stretch exercise is being attempted, please be sure to have stabilized beneath the elevated surface.