Lower Body Toning

This 5 minute sequence is excellent for strengthening the ligaments that surround the knees and hips. Smaller, controlled movements in active positions drive stimulation deep in to the joints, where the bones intersect, making this an ideal program for those needing more strength in these areas. 

I use this program for my clients who are interested in osteoporosis prevention/management, as well as those who have knee, hip, or ankle issues. 

If you are unable to support your weight, place a stool on either side of the Galileo and place your hands on them to support yourself in the lunging positions. It is also possible to use the Galileo handle if you are using a model with one. 

The higher frequencies ( 26 Hz) build power and strength, with a continuous contraction being created at that speed. The mechano-stimulation follows a straight line and is diminished every angle that it travels through, so when your knee is bent, the major stimulation goes to the knee, secondary is the ankle and hip. As you straighten the legs, the force travels up to the pelvis. We use this technique at the end to strengthen the lower back, before lowering the Hz to 12 to finish with simple cool down.