Upper Body Workout

While putting your feet on the Galileo plate is obvious, it's also just the tip of the iceberg. 

In this 4.5 minute workout, we use the hands and forearms on the plate to target not just the arms, but also the entire upper spine, including the upper abdominals. Although the lower body is still being worked, the vibrations are being driven directly to the upper core every time the arms are straightened ( the more the body is in a straight line, the further the mechano-stimulation travels ). 

We use 18 Hz for this workout as shoulder mobility as well as strength is so crucial for most humans. This is where our posture really suffers, and one will tend to get " locked" in a kyphotic position, or with a chronic shortening of the neck. By keeping the Galileo in the " Strength and Flexibility" range, we open up the areas targeted, driving circulation, releasing old holding patterns, and building aligned strength. 

The workout ends with a cooldown at 12 Hz, for a lovely release.