In tribute to Big Sur : #WednesdayWarmup, 07/27/2016

I returned home from travels to a massive forest fire in the Big Sur area. Many members of our community have lost their homes, and the fire continues. Est. containment is August 31, 2017. The fire is now 30 000 acres and growing, having entered the Los Padres National Forest as well as continuing to threaten Carmel Valley. 

I created this class for our community to help release the trauma that gets stored in bodies after such an event. Class is in three parts: getting rid of what you're holding on to, creating space where you were locked up, and unclenching your gut. 

If you have recently been through a traumatic event, or feel that you are holding on to stuff from your past, this may be a good class for you to do, as the link between the mind and body works both ways. Releasing what's being held in your body will clear your mind, and vice versa. 

I wish you health, I wish you happiness, I wish you peace.