Improve your metabolism and tone your abdominals in less than 30 minutes without doing one crunch!

Want more consciousness about your core?

Do this before you work out.

 Do this if you need to calm down and would like a core workout while you're resetting your system; do this if you want to wear a tight and shiny shirt that shows off your abs and you want a little extra definition, or just want to trim everything in by an inch or two. 

Do the entire 20 minute workout. For those of you who know your anatomy, you can skip to the workout, which starts at 2:28. But do the entire workout, your abdominal cavity deserves some love. 

I'm getting ready to teach a course this weekend so my focus has been back on the breath. I took the opportunity to put together a 25 minute #WednesdayWarmup that shows how I might use elements of the Instructional Video I made a few weeks ago in a class. 


As always, feel free to share with anyone who could use some lower back help, has issues with breathing, or wants better abs. 

If these videos are working for you, you might want to consider studying with me in person at one of my upcoming Inner Space workshops in Penn Valley  ( Northern CA), Silverlake, ( Los Angeles), Santa Monica ( Los Angeles) or Carmel ( Central CA). 

Although learning online is incredibly effective given it's convenience, the experience of physical commitment to a classroom, your classmates, and having a real human there giving you feedback can provide huge transformation in a very short amount of time.