Galileo : Flow Sequence

What struck me immediately about the Galileo was how quickly my body became strong and limber as I moved through Yoga Flow type sequences, with an average of 10 minutes a day for optimal results. 

One can hold a position for a longer amount of time to build strength of course, and the therapeutic possibilities abound, but what I relied on consistently for the past 3 weeks, as I dealt with an overloaded schedule, was my 10 minutes in the morning. That 10 minutes keeps my body warm, limber, strong and alert all day, not to mention in fantastic shape. 

Here is another example of a relatively global " flow". 

You will see in this video that I change the Hertz ( frequencies)  during my flow sequence.

Playing with the frequencies allows me to control how many muscle contractions there are per second on this device. At lower frequencies, there is more "stretch" available to the muscle. ( this is abbreviated information here, there is a lot more going on with the frequencies than I am talking about in this particular context) When the frequencies are higher ( when you hear the machine begin to get super loud) there is more muscle contraction happening, so that is a point where primarily the effect is muscle building in my body. As I slow it down in the end, it allows more stretch to come back in to the muscle, creating an overall flexibility, in addition to strength. 

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