Articulating the Deep Abdominal Muscles

Most of us tend to think of our " Abs" as the " 6 Pack".

Well honey, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Your abdominals surround your torso front and back, in a neatly wrapped cylinder of three dimensional strength. Spanning from halfway through your ribcage, and all the way down to the top of your thighs, your abdominal muscles provide the connections necessary for your pelvis to support your shoulders, and when they're working correctly, also support healthy metabolic function. 

Use this sequence to familiarize yourself with the feeling of the abdominals " vacuuming in towards your spine", and link the engagement of your inner thighs to your flat belly. Trust me, it's more about the approach than body composition. Anyone can train their abdominals to pull in, as opposed to " pushing out" ( the standard approach to crunches that you often see in the gym).