Core Breathwork Class : Thoracic Freedom

 I wanted to create a class to move the spine backwards, in cases where we feel like we've been thrown in to extension and can't get out of it ( such as whiplash, or an extremely " backbendy" yoga class)

The first two videos can be done on their own for a gentle class for back body awareness and freedom in the ribs. 

The third video will definitely mobilize your thoracic spine and free up stuck ribs. Be careful with your ball that you don't press too hard. Always keep your pressure going directly down the center of your sternum. This is a powerful reset that is not to be taken lightly. 

I would recommend that you avoid doing any heavy lifting for a day or two after practicing the third video in this mobilization series. It takes some time to muscles to adapt to new settings, and undue strain is ill advised while the tissues resettle.