In August, 2014, Domini Anne directed the Community Palette show “Imagine, ReCreate, Fashion!”: produced by Community Palette director Kierstyn Bachmann-Berlin with music by DJ HanifWondir.

This show featured a diverse array of independent fashion designers from the Monterey Peninsula. Along with an UpCycled Fashion contest, where each participant submitted one UpCycled fashion piece, this show featured collections from Ericka Engelman, Arielle Rose, Miss Velvet Cream and Domini Anne’s own UpCycled collection, which included the double brides and collaborative clothing line featuring the art of HanifWondir.

All funds raised from this fashion show went directly to support the participating artists.

Imagine, Recreate Fashion! was funded and produced by Community Palette, and the stage was provided by Sand City’s West End Celebration.

Imagine, ReCreate, Fashion! Callery

Additional Images from Domini Anne Collection, 2014

photography by Bailey Lee