Breathe In, Work Out

Breathe In, Work Out

Welcome to my blog, where I seize the opportunity to guide you in to your body in a variety of ways. 

Sometimes it's a concept or a theme, other times we'll learn some anatomy first, either way, I try to create these glimpses underneath our skin in a way that they are accessible to all ; using common terms for anatomical regions and giving relatable examples when discussing movement. 

I have found over and over again that as people use awareness tools to regain autonomy in their bodies, their pain subsides and they become less weighted down, their faces clearer, and more bounce in their step. Almost simultaneously, their newfound physical lightness of being trickles in to their emotional state and they become happier, more open, less judgemental and more connected to the world that surrounds them. 

Quite selfishly I suppose, I would like more humans like this in the world, which is suffering right now from so much violence, judgement and separation. 

And so I created this blog to help.

Please feel free to share links to all that I have written here, and use it in your own practice and teachings. Nothing is new in this world, and I have no doubt that all of what I offer has been said and done before. All I offer is my way of packaging it up and making sense of it, which you are also free to take inspiration from and run with.