Balance, Flexibility and Strength

Having experimented a fair amount this past week on how to use the Galileo for specific purposes, I put together a couple of short sequences for my own personal challenges : healing some old foot traumas, and balancing out my hip/thigh flexibility. 

All the standing balancing poses are so helpful not only for the obvious ( balance, drrrr) but also for the global strength of the feet. We tend to bear weight only on certain portions of our feet, and often have them misaligned. By shifting on to one leg and taking more challenging positions, the foot is asked to ground in many different ways, leading to a more balanced strength through the foot and ankle. 

Stretching while seated on the Galileo ( at a lower frequency) is wonderful to warm up the top of the hamstrings and hips, and also provides a warm up for all the muscles that flank the spine. 

I've included some highlights below. 

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