Muscle Release / Flexibility Training

At the lowest frequencies, the Galileo serves for balance training when standing, but if you place a relaxed limb ( lying prone) on the oscillating plate, it provides a thorough cross fiber massage. 

I have been using this technique to work on scar tissue, and areas that are too sensitive for muscle building or active physical work. 

I'd noticed a decrease in my flexibility over the past week ( due to minimal time for workouts, and my constant experiments with the higher frequencies and no time to stretch out afterwards) so I thought I'd spend my 10 minutes today working on the back of my legs, and staying at lower frequencies to allow for the stretch to happen. 

I do go higher for a minute or so - you can hear it as the machine speeds up. At that point, I'm working on strengthening the muscles between my metatarsals and ankle. I've been rehabilitating my feet after years of dancing and pronation. This remains of paramount importance. 

Then I finished with a lower frequency cool down, focusing on stretching out the fronts of my legs, the hip flexors, the quads, and everything that gets tight when you drive fast and think faster. 

I've been breathing better all day as a result. Go figure. 

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