Welcome to the wonderful world of Galileo Exercise!

In this new chapter of personal training, you will learn how to access your body in entirely new ways. Whether your focus is neuromuscular training, increased awareness and control, or enhanced muscle building, the Galileo plate will exponentially help you to reach and exceed your goals.

What you need to know :

There are three training ranges : Balance and Mobilization 5 Hz -12 Hz; Flexibility and Function 12 Hz - 20Hz; Power 20 Hz - 40 Hz.

By combining specific frequencies with different textures on the plate ( such as a hard or soft foam roller, yoga mat or towel) you can modify the intensity and focus of your workout.

Another way of modifying intensity is through “amplitude” ( how wide apart your feet are on the plate). The wider you stand, the more extreme the contractions will be. If you’re finding that anything is “ too much”, simply bring your feet closer together and consider bending your knees. Before you go any further, follow this 1.5 minute video that will help you to discover your optimal foot placement on the Galileo.

The Mechano-Stimulation travels strongest through a straight line and an engaged muscle chain, so by bending your knees or leaning forward or back, you can change the pathway of muscle contraction in your body and learn to direct this force where you want it.

Below is a 10 minute mini-workout that covers a number of basic Galileo exercises for whole body wellness. We use a stiff half roller at high Hz for the warmup ( if you don’t have one, a tightly rolled up yoga mat will do), then drop down to 18 hz for the basic workout, ending the sequence back up in the Power range to energize and tone your body.

You will want something to hold on to. My personal favorite training tool is the Stall Bars you see pictured below, but a counter top will do, or if you purchased a handle along with your Galileo, that will work as well.

Each of these exercises could be performed for much longer, and can stand alone. The purpose of this initial training video is to introduce you to some basic exercises and help you to familiarize yourself with Galileo training experience. After you’re done with this, hop on over to my training library for a full resource of Galileo Training videos.

Now get on your plate, set it to 24 Hz with your stiff half roller and enjoy!

I don’t live in your body, you do. Always consult a physician before embarking on any exercise program, and omit or modify any exercise based on your own personal needs.