Galileo Training : Flows and Exercises

Welcome to our ever growing resource of training videos for the Galileo, an unparalleled device for developing mobility, strength, flexibility, balance, and overall bodily strength through mechano-stimulation. 

The longer "flows" are sequenced for optimal results. However, all exercises should be performed at your/your trainer's/ your doctor's discretion. Any exercise can be skipped without drastically impacting the outcome of your workout. 

On average, 10 minutes a day of Galileo training will keep your body in excellent shape. More is not needed as the amount of contractions per second increase the effects of any exercise by an order of magnitude. Adding weight adds cardio. Increasing Hz creates more intensity, builds muscle and concentrates power, while decreasing will create more mobility and more global stimulation. Widening your stance on the plate increases intensity without increasing Hz, and narrowing will decrease. 

Always consult your physician before embarking on any exercise program.