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Please enjoy the collections pictured below.

Some pieces are still available, others can be used as a basis for custom orders.

If you would like to arrange a viewing of my current stock, do not hesitate to contact me.

I am always happy to have guests over to my workshop for bit of dress up and tea/wine consumption,

I find the best pieces are made with good beverages and company.

Photo by Nic Coury

Photo by Nic Coury

Here is a slice of my custom made, luxury athletic wear.

I’ve been enjoying creating these pieces for years from offcut and natural fibers sourced from the Garment District in Downtown LA. Every piece is lovingly cut and sewn on the Monterey Peninsula, homegrown from start to finish. Fabric selections vary, and it’s best to contact me to see what I have on hand. The Disco Pants ( the all time favorite, which are the wide legged pants you see below) easily fit sizes 4-10. Custom orders are available for all styles and I usually have a nice selection on hand at my studio for private shopping.

In the summer of 2018, I created the Shadow/Handmaid’s tale collections, which were reconstruction based originals, all in all shades of skin tones from "Geisha White to Ebony Black". Each outfit had at least one piece of vintage clothing that has been "UpCycled" in to it, and many were created exclusively from upcycled clothing. This is an active commentary on waste reduction, as used clothing is a major contributor to landfills.


My concept for these two collections was mainly an artistic and political commentary for that time:  At every level, what we are experiencing is a sometimes uncomfortable dialogue between our shadow and light, which we all have elements of, be it within ourselves or at a local/national/global level. Our human existence can be seen as a dance between the struggle to integrate these elements gracefully, and the knowledge that without contrast, we do not know who we are. 

"Handmaid's Tale" is a collection of 12 dresses, all with severe puritanical lines, in the same color and upcycle scheme as above. However, within these designs that would otherwise be created to eclipse the female figure, I included high thigh slits, net, and lace so that each dress in some large way revealed the power of female sexuality. This is a direct commentary on the current US administration and it's efforts to control women and their bodies. 

The photographs of this collection are courtesy of the ever talented Nic Coury

Check out the gallery below for what’s been afoot in 2018/2019 in my sewing studio - from DUSK streetwear and AWAKEN sweater coats to abstract bathrobes. All images courtesy of Darren Loveccio - ImpactImages831

And finally, a mini-gallery of DUSK fashion, taken before the DUSK 2.0 show on 02/01/19

images courtesy of Brock Bradford