Aging Well

Joseph Pilates has a famous quote " You are only as old as your spine". 

Homedude was right. 

When we think about " shrinking" with age, what is actually happening is that as a result of constant misalignment and impact, the discs that protect your vertebrae actually begin to erode, and can slip out of place. Then the apocalypse happens... 


No, really. That whole "decomposing with age" thing mainly has to do with bad posture, and jamming your bones together consistently over time. 

So I put this little sequence together to help you reverse that damage, and choose the path of " Aging in to Grace and Wisdom" instead. 

The first video explains the concept, the second gets your breath in order, and the third contains the workout. It's a total of 20 minutes.

Don't be surprised if you notice a number of postural shifts from doing this. 

( oh, and nice tight abs too)

As aways, I don't live in your body, YOU DO. Please listen to it, and if anything is causing you pain, stop immediately, and return to your breath.