Abdominal Alchemy

Abs are one of my obsessions, which is not surprising considering : 

1. I teach exercise for a living

2. I have abdominals

3. I dig exhaling, and they're essential for that. 


I created this instructional video to clear up a lot of misconceptions people seem to have about how to tone their abdominals, many of which can actually damage your back. 

You may want to pause the video in parts and repeat certain exercises. 

It's better to get one concept down gracefully and smoothly in the body ( notice, I never said " quickly") before moving on, than miss an essential core connection in your desire to "challenge yourself". *The key to beautifully functional abdominals is to take it slow and precise. Wait for the breath to lead you. 

*#lifegoals ;)


As always, I don't live in your body, YOU DO. You are the only person who truly knows if some exercise is going to hurt you. Please listen to your body and do the things that feel right and good. If something causes you pain, stop immediately.