On August 18th, 2018, Awaken - A Multi-Dimensional Fashion Show took place at 440/430 Ortiz, during the West End Celebration in Sand City


Directed by Domini Anne, with a score composed by DJ HanifWondir, the show consisted of 7 designers showing eight separate collections, and diverse performance artists, all unified through the score and arc of the performance, which was designed to remind people of the joy that lies within the calm of their own mind, and of the creative source of inspiration that exists within us all.

Domini Anne contributed two collections, entitled Shadow and Handmaid’s tale, which were a direct commentary on the political atmosphere of the USA at this time.

The brainchild of Domini, Wondir, and Kierstyn Berlin ( director of Community Palette), Awaken was a Community Palette production created upon request by the Sand City Art Committee , and served as a fundraiser for the SC Art Committee to create educational programs in Sand City. It was hosted by Greg Hawthorne and Don Davis, and was fiscally sponsored by Don Davis and The Sand City Art Committee.

Bohypsian Journal review and Photo Montage

Monterey County Weekly review and Photo Montage

65 Degrees Magazine Photo Montage pages 1 and 2

“Broken down, the Saturday night Awaken multi-media fashion show was spectacularly presented. The amount of work and creative skill that went into the world class production was impressive and I want to give props to the whole Community Palette organization and the Sand City Arts Committee, and individually to event curators Kierstyn Bachmann-Berlin and Domini Anne for their fine work. A real community wide endeavor that included so many I’m unable to include individually here. “ - Beth Peerless, Monterey Herald

Photo montage by Manny Espinoza, Score by DJ HanifWondir

Awaken- A Multi-Dimensional Fashion show is a Community Palette Production.