ARTumnal Gathering

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This year I was honored to be asked to present a collection for Burning Man.Org's art fundraiser, the ARTumnal Gathering.

This collection was inspired by ideas of “Alien Flora and Fauna”, stemming from daydreams I’d been having about the creative origins of life on Earth, and what life might look like outside of this cherished planet. I worked with many reclaimed materials, as well as copper wire and lycra to create shapes that could alternately be seen as insects or flowers, and built the collection you see below.

The leatherwork is courtesy of Dawson Engler for Dao Pow industries.

Please click on the images below to read the story and learn more about the process of collaboration and creation behind each piece. 

Many thanks to Charles Schoenberger and his assistant Armin Kramer for the exquisite photography.