Ice Flower

This piece was also created in stages, with it's bare bones incarnation having been a "Danarys"outfit for a White Party. At that point, the headpiece didn't work so well with the simplified version of the coat, so it was still waiting to transform. 

When I knew I was going to create a collection for ARTumnal, there was no question that this outfit would come in to fruition. For the coat, I used white stretch taffeta, scraps of faux mink, lightweight pleated net, and some felted wool I had been hoarding for the past 14 years. The headpiece was made from feathers my husband and I had been given as a housewarming gift 8 years ago, and the shoes were the catalyst that inspired me to create shoes for each design. 

Dawson ( the creator of Dao Pow Industries leather and brass corsets) were in agreement that a wider belt was necessary to carry the piece, and worked together to build a corset for more of an athletic type. He was certain that Maggie Powers was the perfect model for this piece, and I have to agree. With her background in ballet, and current careers as a personal trainer, bodybuilder, and performer with Vau de Vire and Capacitor, she carried this piece like none other.

Beautifully captured in photographs by Charles Schoenberger