Personal Transformation

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Personal Transformation

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I have found that the most breathtaking physical transformations happen when I work with people in a private retreat setting, as we are able to go slow, look at the underlying issues, and soften the connective tissue/breath patterns enough to create fundamental shifts in how you move, and how you are be-ing in your body. 

In a private retreat, we work together one on one for 1 to 4 days. 

During that time, we work together to fundamentally overhaul your physicality, from breath, to posture, to gait, to muscular strength, connection and endurance. Depending on your areas of interest, and physical ability, modalities used may include yoga, breathwork, experiential anatomy, the Gyrotonic method, Galileo training, connective tissue training, and varied somatic awareness techniques. 

Upon completion of your personal retreat, you will receive a private webpage with a personally designed home study program based on your needs, and we will discuss the best ways for you to continue your training. 

Please contact me if you would like to more information about personal transformation. 

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