Intro to Galileo 07/21/18 - Carmel, CA

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intro square.jpg

Intro to Galileo 07/21/18 - Carmel, CA



10 AM- 1 PM

Master Instructor : Domini Anne

Location: Mindful Movement, Carmel CA

Total cost: $100

Deposit : $50

Get your feet wet and learn the essentials in this three hour workshop, and leave empowered to begin your basic Galileo training.

This three hour training takes you through basic approaches to warming up and working out on the Galileo Device.

Familiarize yourself with the three different training ranges, mobilization and stabilization techniques, as well as how to use props to change the focus of your workout.

If you are curious about how to integrate vibration therapy in to your personal training routine, this is the ideal place to start.


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