If you enjoy my short workout segments on the Breathe In, Work Out blog, you may enjoy my full length classes available online through vimeo.com.

"Inner Space 101- Releasing the Side Body" is a 30 minute breathing class for the sides - the ribcage, obliques, and some additional pectoral releases. It contains some spinal activation as well, and just a little bit of movement. Two pillows and a sports ball are needed.

"Inner Space 101- Releasing the Back" is a 40 minute breathing class designed to release the back and shoulders. You will need a square of material approximately 1 ft2. Personally, I prefer to cut myself a piece of yoga mat, but one can also use non-slip carpet underlay, or even a washcloth or dishtowel if you like. If you are uncomfortable lying flat on your back for long periods of time, you may also want a pillow or two, perhaps a stool, or a stability ball. 

"The Pain in your A$$- Full Stabilization Sequence" is a half hour somatic awareness and focused movement class designed to bring stability and awareness to the pevis region. It is excellent for toning the abdominals, gluetes, and waking up the inner thighs, not to mention a wonderful preventative measure in the fight against back pain.