Gyrotonic Level 1 Foundation Training

Master Trainer: Domini Anne


Total Cost : $4200                  Total Hours : 200

Total Cost includes: Gyrokinesis Pre-Training:  09/04/17 - 09/09/17

Gyrotonic Level 1 Foundation Teacher Training:  10/02/17 - 10/13/17

Supervised Apprenticeship Hours:  dates tbd


“The ultimate aim is to be at home in ones body, free of pain, unrestricted and uninhibited and to be one with the nature of oneself, to be total and fulfilled” - Juliu Horvath

The GYROTONIC® Expansion System, incorporates movement principles from yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming, and tai-chi. It aims at stretching and strengthening muscles while simultaneously stimulating and strengthening connective tissues in and around the joints of the body. Exercises,synchronized with corresponding breath patterns, enhance aerobic and cardiovascular stimulation and promote neuromuscular rejuvenation.

During this program, students will be taught to apply the entire Gyrotonic Level 1 program both as a workout for their own bodies and as trainers. 

Components include:

Gyrotonic Level 1 Exercise Curriculum

Equipment Set Up

Therapeutic Modifications

Study of Moving Alignment and Anatomy

Anatomical Cues

Cueing Rhythm and Breath

Exercise Sequencing