Pelvis Balancing Sequence ( basics)

This sequence is performed lying down over the Galileo, with the sacrum being centralized on the plate. You will need some props to execute this sequence correctly:

 - 1 stability ball ( any size will do, however 65 is preferable for most bodies)

- Something to raise the height of your " floor" to the height of the Galileo device, in order to lie down evenly. I use two freelonic folding mats, however one could also use an exercise "step" with some yoga mats to pad it on top, or even a stiff couch cushion if necessary.

- A 5 lb weight plate to place on the anterior portion of your pelvis. If you do not have one of these, a bag of rice will suffice.

- A pillow to support your head. For some, this allows the neck to relax, but even if you are comfortable lying down flat, raising the head a little helps the upper abdominals to connect, which will in turn help your lower abdominal engagement.