"For those who Marched"

As I said, this is what I made for the Women's March. It was designed as a release for legs that had walked on concrete all day, and upper bodies tired from holding signs. 

I believe that in many ways, this might apply to both post golfing and post driving... 

Just the Breathing on the Ball

It's called "Breathing through Grief" because it helps incredibly with emotional balancing, but more specifically, what we are doing here is restoring diaphragmatic breathing, then using those postural cues to traction the body. 



A quickie for the shoulders

Of course, please do not do anything that causes you discomfort. A good gauge of what is appropriate for your body is the breath. Make sure you are able to smoothly inhale and exhale throughout this workout. If you find yourself holding your breath, or that the movement becomes jerky, then back off until you can breathe. That's your range.