Ana Poirier


Ana Poirier is a holistic health & essential oil coach, yoga instructor, health educator, massage therapist, best- selling co-author and founder of Yoga Body Nutrition. A classically trained dancer and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she merges her studies of health, nutrition, essential oils, body arts, and yoga with her passion for creating easy recipes that enliven the senses & nourish the body-mind, for a truly holistic approach.

She has been working one-on-one and in groups in Big Sur, the Monterey Peninsula and internationally since 1999. Her clients and students enjoy her easy and unique approach to living an energized life in a healthy body they love.


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Therapeutic Massage w/customized Essential Oils

Therapeutic Massage w/customized Essential Oils

With Ana Poirier

This session will focus on balancing YOUR unique needs using customizable massage and essential oil therapy. The session will be designed to target physical issues, mental challenges and/or emotional disharmony, as well as overall balance.

Examples include: immune health; hormone health; stress; specific health challenges; fatigue; muscle/skin/joint; anxiety; thyroid/adrenal health etc.

Your session will begin with an initial assessment.

60 min: $90

75 min: $105